Yesterday I accepted an internship and the very first thing I thought of was ‘I need to get a new notebook’. Luckily for me, February is the time where everyone is starting school or going back, and I found it easy to stumble across a wonderful journal at my local grocery store. I only paid $4 on special, which was the best part.

This A5 journal came in an array of colours, including blue, pink, green and black. With the blue being a sky blue, I decided to go with that.

A5 Journal

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I prefer my notebooks to be A5 in size. I believe A4 is a little too big, and A6 to be too small. So this notebook is perfect.

It has an elastic closure, with a ribbon bookmark, for easy accessibility to your current page. It’s cover is super soft, almost like leather. The end-pages are blue spotted; the design team obviously thought they’d get a little creative.

A5 Journal End-pages

The journal also has a large amount of pages. The exact number wasn’t written anywhere, so my guess would be at least 200, if not more. It also has handy date markers on the top of each page.

A5 Journal - A look inside

If you’re looking for a new upgrade, then this is definitely worth the price. I’m not too sure how long Woolworths will keep the special price, but I’d definitely get one before they run out. You can go in-store or buy online here.








I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I’m now going to finish off reviewing the ROSSI products.


ROSSI logo


Similar to the ‘Thank You’ cards which I have reviewed in a previous post, ROSSI offer beautifully crafted greeting cards for any occasion.

ROSSI Greeting Cards

These cards are made of thick paper with a wonderful pattern on the front, with a smaller version of the pattern on the back. The inside of the cards are blank, which gives you free reign to add any message you’d like.

ROSSI Greeting Card Example


The greeting card set come with matching envelopes, which makes these cards that more special. The lining of the envelopes share the same pattern on the cards.

ROSSI Greeting Cards

In this particular set, there are a total of six greeting cards. The set comes neatly in a pack, covered in the same wonderful pattern of your choosing. As you can see, the set that I received has a pretty peacock pattern.

ROSSI Greeting Cards

If you’d like to get your hands on a ROSSI notepad in Australia or NZ, you can visit The Paperie, and The Paper Place now have their online store up and running.



I will finish writing reviews for the ROSSI products after Christmas. I just want to share with you my Christmas present. 

Wolfgang Engel

There’s this quaint little town in the Sunshine Coast hinterland called Eumundi, which is home to an artist called Wolfgang Engel. Wolfgang is best known for his wonderful hand-blown glass pen sets. With an attention to detail in the nib, combined with a Venetian form of decoration in the handle, these pens reflect a craftsman with an engineering background.

Ever since I discovered his gallery earlier this year, I knew what I wanted for Christmas. Fortunately, with the help from family, my Christmas came early and I was able to pick out my favourite pen set from the gallery.

Amethyst Pen Set

Not only does it look beautiful, it writes beautifully. I’m still getting used to writing with it, but I must admit it’s one of my favourite gifts so far.

I placed my Diamine Majestic Purple ink into the inkwell, just to match with the set. Did you know that purple is my favourite colour? You do now!

Dip Pen Example

Wolfgang also does custom requests and his sets are ideal for Awards, Trophies or Corporate gifts. If you’re in the neighbourhood, his gallery along with Tina Cooper’s work is a must-see.

You can check out his website for examples of his work and contact details.