We all know that paper is made from trees. To be more specific, it’s made from pulp wood fibre. In today’s society, paper can be made from multiple materials, including rice, water plants and cotton. But have you ever heard of paper made from stone? I bring you: Karst Stone Paper stationery; a stationary range with paper made entirely from stone. Here’s now it works.


Karst Stone Paper transforms recycled stone into simple, functional and beautiful products.  To do this, they re-purpose waste stone produced by the mining and construction industry, crush it into powder and combine it with a non-toxic, recyclable binding agent. This means that none of their notebooks contain any trees, water, wastes, acids or bleaches. The best part of all this? the paper is waterproof and tear resistant. That means you can carry your notebook on-the-go, accidentally drop it into the sink and your valued words are still going to be completely safe.


I’ll get down to the specifics. Karst Stone Paper notebooks are available in two sizes, A5 and A5. They also offer a pocket journal – and all of these products are available in five different colours. You can choose from both hardcover and softcover, blank or lined, and they even have a dot grid notebook for sale due to popular demand; better get your wallets out now! A 2018 planner is also available on their website, a wonderful organising tool with weekly and monthly views, tasks, goals and note sections.


Karst Stone Paper is the world’s smoothest and whitest paper and allows you to write freely with any pen as it guarantees no ink bleed-through. I’ve yet to get my hands on one of these, but when I do I’ll make sure to test out the pages with my trust-worthy Lamy fountain pen. Another great initiative which makes buying one of these gorgeous notebooks even better is that they’ve partnered with the One Tree Planted foundation to help aid the growth of global reforestation. With every notebook bought, they plant a tree in North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

One Tree Planted_preview

If you’d like to learn a little more about Karst Stone Paper and their initiative, you can watch their inspiring promotional video here.  There’s also a bunch of information available on their website at Karststonepaper.com. 


Have you ever been to the store and bought multiple pencils, different brands, sizes, trying to find the ‘one’? Well, when Andrew Sanderson couldn’t find his perfect pencil, he designed his own: a minimal mechanical pencil that will last a lifetime.

Pencil 1

From the first design now comes the Modern Fuel pencil 2.0 which is now perfected, with a bunch of new features. The mechanical pencil can help you to achieve and create great things because of its design, reliability and dependability to the creator: you. What’s more to love than a custom designed mechanical pencil that will last you forever? Well, here are some of its specifications:


  • Machined from one solid piece of metal, resulting in amazing strength and durability. You can choose from titanium, tellerium copper, phosphorous bronze and stainless steel.
  • Has a seamless look and is blended by hand to appear as one single piece of metal. Where else can you find this much beauty in a pencil?
  • Designed and engineered using the same inspection standards used in aircraft engineering; you know that it will last a lifetime. But if it doesn’t, and your pencil happens to break, you can send it back and get it fixed or be given a new one for free. Simple!
  • You can choose which led you’d like to use, between 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm.
  • Nothing is made of plastic. I think this is the best design feature of all.

pencil 2

I’ve personally never been a huge fan of using pencils, so a mechanical pencil has always been my choice. But after a few months of using one, the plastic would break, it’d stop working or I’d lose it from my bag and it’d smash into pieces. The Modern Fuel Pencil will put my worries at ease, and all of yours, too. It’s minimalist design makes it the perfect addition to any work-space, and the ability to pick bronze: who doesn’t love some rose gold in their life? Plus, the bronze C5100 which is used to make the pencil is typically reserved for high-end watches, so you’ll never find a mechanical pencil like this one out in the wild.

pencil 3

The Modern Fuel Pencil 2.0 is currently on Kickstarter, where you’ll be able to find more information and back the project here: A Minimal Mechanical Pencil that will Last a Lifetime 2.0.  The campaign also comes with a bunch of add-ons, like engraving, a cork case, eraser plug and additional mechanisms to personalise your mechanical pencil either as a gift, or for yourself. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one to test, and if you think you need this beauty in your life, go ahead and support the campaign; you won’t regret it. If you’d like to view Andrew Sanderson’s  projects and learn a little more about the founder, you can visit his website, Modern Fuel Design. 

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The big question is: what is Trigg? Well, I’m here to explain to you all about this awesome new diary (or planner, whichever you prefer), and how it will benefit you.

Trigg Life Mapper is an advanced page-a-day diary that guides you towards your most valued goals, which includes short-term and long-term goals. The diary fuses together planning, productivity, habit, mindfulness and gratitude to provide a daily, weekly and yearly framework that will ensure you work less (who doesn’t enjoy a good break?), get more done and constantly strive towards achieving your goals.


Personally, I’ve been using planners for a number of years. Each person will have their preferences, but the sound of this mindfulness planner is definitely something I’d love to try out. Here are the specs:

  • A5 size: 210mm x 148mm
  • 90 GSM ivory paper (fountain pen friendly, hooray!)
  • Hard cover
  • 400 pages section sewn
  • Elastic strap
  • Bookmark Ribbon
  • It’s also an awesome aqua blue


The Trigg Life Mapper contains 10 innovative structures, so here they are:

  1. An annual forecast section
  2. A weekly planner page
  3. A daily productivity page
  4. A daily productivity quad
  5. A weekly gratitude section
  6. A weekly reflection section
  7. A daily inspirational quote
  8. A weekly ‘call to action’
  9. A six month review section
  10. A final annual review section


When I get my hands on a sample product I plan on giving you all an in-depth review of the Trigg Life Mapper and also upload some more pictures.  If you’d like some more information, or wish to purchase one of your own, head on over to Thinktrigg.