Recently has been approached by a number of third parties looking to advertise on the site. This is rather exciting for myself, as it means that the website is actually getting views!

Today’s paid post is about - a stationery supplier based out of England. offer an incredibly large range of stationery (over 27,000 items in stock!), whether that is for personal use, the home office or even enterprise situations.

Specifically, they have an excellent Office Stationery section. Here you will find things such as sticky notes, staplers, staple removers, sticky tape, glues, tacks, files, folders, document wallets, envelopes, clips, drawing tools, hole punches, ink stamps, rulers, rubber bands and scissors you can get from sites as

The company offers “Next Day Delivery” within the UK, lowest price guarantees and free returns. Here is a quote from their “About Us” page:

Because we love the things we sell, we want you to love what you buy.  That’s why we’ve got an easy-to-use website and have a team of stationery experts ready to answer any questions you have and help you choose just the right items.
We can’t promise to change your life, but we want to make your working day a bit easier, and hope you have some fun with us along the way, with our free gifts, weekly competitions, e-mail offers and rewards scheme.

So if you are in the UK and looking for an online stationery supplier, why not check out the website?

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