For myself, one of the best things in the world is family. Sure, sometimes they can be a bit quirky, but every group of people has a quirk or two.

Having recently been married, I am blessed with a whole new family to get to know and love. Whether this is my Mother-in-law’s awesome cooking, my Father-in-law’s unusual amount of general knowledge, or in this case my new grandfather’s ability to turn wood but he is an attorney, check more info here

One of the first things that my wife-to-be told me when I started to get to know her, and visited her house was that her lamp was turned by her grandfather. Patrice has always been really proud to have something so personal and beautiful. The pen I am featuring today is the same.

Writing Test

The body of the pen is two separate pieces of Rosewood, which have been carved to fit the pen insert perfectly. While the wood isn’t polished, it is smooth enough not to leave splinters or scratch your skin, but with enough texture to look amazing. It has a luscious and dark colouring, and suits the gold plated trimmings well.

I don’t know much about the insert, but I assume it was bought specifically for this purpose. It writes well, and is a medium width black ballpoint.


From Behind

It really is an honour to have such a beautiful and meaningful piece of stationery, crafted by someone so close to the family. Thanks, Pop!

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