I love Moleskine. I have loved Moleskine since I have been interested in stationery, and found out about them (maybe 10 – 12 months?). So it’s pretty exciting when they decide the bring out a whole bunch of new stuff, not just notebooks, but accessories and pens.

If you want to get these in Australia you will need to buy them online. One of the better places I have found for online Moleskine purchases is moleskineasia.com – which have free shipping worldwide. They sell in HKD currency, however it converts fairly well (about $8HKD to $1AUD).

I haven’t bought any of the new collection, but I am definitely interested. Lets have a bit of a closer look at what I want (including some prices translated from HKD to AUD):

First of the mark for me is their new line of pens and pencils. They are a pleasing rectangular shape, and the caps which come with are designed to slip over the hardcover Moleskine. Perfect idea. I don’t think I would buy these personally, but I can imagine they would be a hit for a lot of people.

The pens come in two colours, with two varieties in each. Silver or Black, in either 0.5mm or 0.7mm roller-ball. I think this gives you enough options, without making it too hard to choose. The pencils only come in one type (2B). The pens are $60 AUD, which is a bit much in my opinion, and the pencils are $20 for a set of two, and a sharpener.

What I would be most interested in is the new line of bags. Specifically, the Messenger Bag. Coming in at around $110 AUD it’s expensive, but not completely unreasonable. Details are again a little vague, but I would imagine it would be a leather, or a decent quality faux leather.

Also in this range are laptop cases (from 10″ – 15″), a backpack, a tote bag, a reporter bag, multi-purpose cases (which really have a bunch of different uses) and a pencil/glasses case. The prices vary and the usefulness does as well.

The last collection they released is dubbed the “Reading” collection. It consists of reading glasses in two styles, with varying magnification lenses, a book stand and a flexible book light. The glasses are about $50 each, and since I don’t use them, I can’t really make a call.

The reading light and book stand would be more useful, however again, I couldn’t see myself using either of these. The book stand would be good if you were studying on a computer, and reading out of a textbook while typing. You could probably also throw an iPad on it to watch movies, but that’s not my thing.

All in all, I think that Moleskine have the right idea. People love the brand, so why not expand now they have a big market share? Hell, I would love a Moleskine messenger bag. The prices are high, but you get what you pay for; an excellent brand, a snazzy bag and a good conversation starter.

Images courtesy of moleskineasia.com


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