Pilot know how to make a nice pen. These V5 Grip’s are no exception. My wife bought me a two-pack as a surprise a few months ago, and I have loved them ever since. See the review below:
Pilot V5 Review

The actual tip size for these is 0.5mm, however Pilot says on their website that the line is only 0.3mm (Which is why I have put Stroke in the title). I’m not too worried. They are fine, and I like fine pens.

Pilot V5 Closeup

Not only are they a good pen to write with, but they look pretty darn cool as well. The ribbing leading up to the end is kinda futuristic, and the solid, extended metal point helps you know exactly where you are writing.

So this one come to you highly recommended!

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One Response to Pilot V5 Grip – Black

  1. nithin says:

    hi.. i have bought one.. but i cant refill it like other pilot pens.. could u please tell me how to.. i’d be glad if you could mail me how to..

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