The other morning before I headed out to work there was a blast of a horn at my front gate. As it turns out, it was a delivery of one of the best packages I have received. Boxes marked with 3M opened to reveal their bounty of Post-it notes and Scotch tape, so a big, big thank you to the 3M Stationery Australia team for offering me some of their products to review.

The first thing I decided to review was the old faithful 3″x3″ yellow Post-it note.

18 Pads

If you haven’t heard of Post-it Notes, you have really been missing out on one of the best inventions of the last 30 years. The basic premise is a piece of paper, with a re-stickable line of adhesive on the back. This allows them to be written on, peeled off, stuck somewhere, and moved multiple times.

The Stack

3M were generous enough to send me a pack of 14+4 pads. 14 of the standard, canary yellow and 4 other neon colours. This stack above should be enough to sustain me for quite some time.

Close-up of Colours

Each pad is 3 inches by 3 inches and has 100 sheets. The paper is relatively thick. It feels about 80gsm, and as you can see in the writing tests below, doesn’t have much show-through.

One thing I did notice was the Sharpies and Pilot Varsity bled a little bit, however the Artline 200 and Sharpie Pen did quite well. So, for our fountain pen loving friends, maybe stick to a more standard pen with your post-it’s?

Writing Test

I wrote out the pen tests, and then decided I would try and test the “re-stick” capabilities. The note stuck to everything I tried it on (including Glass, my fridge, my pantry as pictured and some cloth) however after about 7 repositions (placing the note, pushing down on the sticky section, giving it a minute, and then peeling off again) it was starting to lose it’s tack.

Stuck on a Cupboard

We all know how useful Post-it Notes can be, I would be surprised if anyone who read this had never used one. But if you haven’t, I would suggest getting the Post-it brand ones, as my experience with cheap knock-offs is just that, cheap and unpleasant.

You can pick them up from pretty much any shop that sells stationery, such as Officeworks or Big W and a single stack of 100 will set you back about $2AU.

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3 Responses to Post-it Notes – Original Yellow 3″x3″

  1. Tristan says:

    Those bad boys smell amazing, im sure its not good for me tho….

  2. [...] As I mentioned before, and as you can see by the writing test below, being 30% recycled doesn’t hinder the paper in comparison to the normal Post-it Notes. You can read my review of the original 3×3 notes over here. [...]

  3. [...] notes it dispenses are the same as any normal Post-it (Reviewed HERE) however they are glued so when you pull one, the next one pops through the slot for easy access. [...]

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