No, you did read that title correctly. I am writing on a Stationery website about a brand new computer game I just purchased.

It’s not very often that these two pleasures of mine align in such a way which would give me an excuse to talk about them both, but that’s exactly how it has gone down. I walked into my local EB Games and went to pre-order this new game which I was quite excited about in the first place, and upon placing my order, was informed the Limited Edition included a notebook. A real, blank notebook. Perfect! I put down my money, and awaited the day of release (tomorrow, 11/11/11).

So today at work I find out that the street date for the game has been broken, which means I could pick it up that night when I got home. The only problem was that due to it being locked online, I wasn’t able to play it until midnight. So here I am at 10:30pm writing a quick post about the notebook which came with it!

The Pack

The pack itself came with a few neat things. The game, a “Steelbook” game case, a cloth map of the game world, some art cards and the notebook. Considering I didn’t pay anything extra for it, it was a bargain! The thing that we are interested in is obviously, the notebook!

The Notebook

The outside of the notebook is very pleasing. It has a hard cover, which is made from some form of soft material (sort of fake leather) which has been stitched around the edges and the spine. The game logo has been embossed on the front, the name of the game on the spine, and the developer’s logo on the back.

Back Embossing

The paper inside the notebook is nothing to write home about. It feels quite thin (maybe 60 or 70gsm) and is ruled for most of the page.┬áIt has the game logo printed at the top and the game name at the bottom of every single page which I am not too fond of. I think I would have preferred it to have been completely blank, like most old books were. The paper is also an odd yellow colour (which I assume is meant to appear aged) however it just seems kind of… off. At a rough guess I’d say it contained about 200 pages as they are so thin. It’s about the same physical thickness as my Rhodia Webbie.


The binding in the notebook is fairly nice, and it can open completely flat. There was some threads which were stuck in the binding, but I pulled them out easily. I’m not sure what the deal is with the yellow and red binding, but it seems pretty firm.


Really, I am very happy with this addition to my game. It’s much better than a mouse mat or something else which I would never use. I also like to think that it might help a whole demographic of people who like to play games to appreciating stationery.

Have you ever had stationery included with something completely unrelated? What do you think about getting a notebook with a PC game? I’d love to chat about it in the comments! (As long as I’m not playing the game ;))

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6 Responses to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Collectors Edition Notebook

  1. Wei says:

    It looks real nice! I’m the kind of gamers that make a lot of notes while playing. What more suitable notebook one can find than The Skyrim Note?

    I think Santa has received a new request…

    • Andrew says:

      I think you are right! It’d also be amazing to pull it out of a drawer in a few years time and re-play the game, using your own notes as guides of what (or what not) to do!

  2. jen says:

    I think it would be really helpful if you had an “archives” or grouped similar posts together where people could find through a link

  3. Aaron says:

    Good evening fellow gamer my profession as a book binder i was looking at making a simple leather note book for my skyrim as i all ways seem to be noting down loads of notes when playing this wonderful game. Just a few technical notes about your write up the red and yellow bands you see at the top and bottom of the book are call head and tail bands which are there to obscure the binding its self which looking at the way the pages are folded suggests that this book was folded in 16 page sections. normally this method is very strong and can last a very long time ans as you stated can be laid flat BUT with the paper being as fine as you note could allow for the pages to be pulled from the stitching after some usage. i would love to take the case off this text (that actual paper) and replace it with something a little more satisfying and suitable. nice review and a wikid game – kind regards gaming book nerd :)

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks so much for the aditional information! You seem to know what you are talking about :) I’m glad you enjoyed the review.

      I would love to replace the insides of this with something creamy and smooth, possibly a Clairefontaine paper. I don’t think it should be “made” to look old, you should just use it until it looks loved.

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