You know you have picked the right person to spend your life with when they buy you Sharpies. I might be alone on this one, but I was pretty excited when my wife bought me this 8-pack of Stained by Sharpie fabric markers.



Back of Pack

The pack is well designed, and obviously aimed at the sort of people who draw on their shoes, jeans, bags, shirts or other fabric items. I know these people exist, because I am friends with a few. Personally, I’m not quite artistic enough to commit to a design of my own being on display, but if you can draw, these pens are great enablers of talent.

The pack comes with 8 different colours, and a small, fold-out booklet with some design tips and ideas.

Writing Test

As you can see by the writing test above, they give quite a solid, vibrant line, and the brush tip enables you to be quite precise, or to cover a lot of ground with a single stroke.

One thing that isn’t pictured is the show-through. I was actually quite impressed with this. You could easily use both sides of a piece of paper with these, so long as it was thicker than 80gsm. I did the writing test on 100gsm sketch book, and you could barely see it on the other side. The ink also doesn’t seem to pool too badly if you do focus on one location.

Close up

The caps click on quite solidly, and post well. The overall body and shape of the markers are also fairly easy to hold on to and use. I did some doodles with them in my Rhodia webbie, and the colours were really brilliant. It did take a few lines with the red one for it to come through in a brilliant red, but I quickly went over the lighter parts again.

All the Pens

Tips Close Up

The tips seem to be quite resiliant, and you have an indication of how much ink you have used, as the barrel colour is actually the ink tank inside. (you can just see the little bubbles in the picture of them all above)

So all up, for the artistic person who wants to write on fabric, I highly recommend them. I also recommend them for an artist looking to work on canvas, or in a sketch book.

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