I recently posted an interview with the people behind Gumnut Hill Stationery, a local, eco-friendly company who believe in the love of writing, and also the love of the environment. Today I am reviewing some of the products they sent me to try out.

One thing I have to mention before moving on to the reviews, is the beautiful packaging they sent the samples to me in. The thick brown-paper parcel had the Gumnut Hill logo on one corner, and hand-written address and return labels, in a pretty script which was obviously written with a fountain pen. The package, wrapping, and labels also seemed to be made from the same eco-friendly paper as their products. (Sorry about the dust in the second photo, I couldn’t see it until I had taken the picture)

Now, the first product I am going to look at is the A5 notepad (available here). Once you remove the attractive cardboard band from the pad, it is a standard top-bound tear-off notepad, perfect for having on the desk at work or near the fridge for shopping lists. The paper is an off-white colour, 100gsm, and has a textured feel often found in recycled paper. It fits the feel of “homely” stationery perfect, and is a pleasure to write on. As you can see from the writing tests below, it isn’t the best for a high-flow fountain pen (like my Visconti) however a normal Safari worked fine. The ink takes a little while to dry, but nothing out of the ordinary. There is slight bleed on the blue fountain pen and the sharpie, but show-through is good enough to make up for that.

Next on the bill is the Memo book (available here). This notebook really struck me. It’s 140gsm (much higher than you would normally see in similar products) and the logo on the cover is very elegant. It reminds me of Field Notes memo books, except more rustic. Having such thick paper does make the book a little harder to open and close flat, and 60 pages makes it quite hard to keep in your pocket. On the inside cover there is a blurb about the company, and their ideals. The paper performed similarly to the notepad however as it is thicker, the show-through was less. I think it also had less bleeding on the Visconti, but that could just be me.

Also included in the package was a sample of their embossed paper and envelope sets (available here). The paper is a smooth, creamy, 135gsm stock which is beautiful to write on. I actually used some of this to write my wife a wedding anniversary card recently.



Gumnut Hill was a brand I hadn’t heard of until Linda and Daniel contacted me, and I am so glad that they did. The products are an excellent representation for a local business, and they show that you can have very high-quality stationery without compromising on things like eco-friendliness. I definitely recommend you have a look through their products on their online shop, and maybe give some a try yourself.

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