With my last order from Notemaker.com.au (where the SRXMAS 15% off special is still valid for a few more days, wink wink) I grabbed a bottle of this ink. I reviewed the Lamy Safari I got last week, and now as promised, I will review the ink itself.

The choice of colour was not easy. There was a whole range to pick from, however I decided to go with something fairly normal, but still unique, as it was my first bottled ink.

I was very pleased with the packaging and bottle that the ink came in, especially because it wasn’t all that expensive. One thing I did notice however is when filling, the bottle is rather short and fat, which is the opposite of the shape you really need for the easiest filling. Still, having that distinctive pen-rest moulded into the glass means it is a beautiful desk piece as well.

The following tests were performed with a Lamy Logo (Fine nib) on a 110gsm, acid free sketch pad, which happened to be the best quality white paper I had. Everything else was cream, and I didn’t want that to play into the colour of the ink.

The writing tests themselves are fairly impressive. While it is not waterproof, it maintains it’s colour and form better than other inks I have seen after a little water.

It dries to an acceptable level after about 3 or 4 seconds, but the spots where the pen has left a bit more ink can take a little longer. The colour also doesn’t change too much when it is layered or if you press harder with the pen.

I am quite pleased with this blue. While I wouldn’t use it on official documents or cheques due to how susceptible to water it is, it would be fine for every-day use.

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