Kaweco was a brand which I had seen around, but hadn’t looked in to. When David from Jetpens offered to send one my way, I was more than happy to give it a test run!

I received the Blue bodied, Ice Sport with an Extra Fine nib to try. Now, being a German brand, the Kaweco’s EF is about the same as a Lamy’s. I would say around the 0.4 – 0.5mm rollerball. The pen came with a standard blue cartridge, which seemed to perform well.

The nib itself didn’t have too much give, so the line was fairly uniform. It did write quite smoothly and the flow was really good, considering it was an extra fine. It is a steel nib, and it has the Kaweco logo, the nib size, and some nice scroll work engraved on it. Throughout my usage, I didn’t notice any nib-creep, which says that the nib has been machined well.

The main selling point of this pen for me, was the fact that it is very, very small when you aren’t using it (around 104mm). The body and the lid are about the same size, and the pen screws into itself for safe-keeping. This also helps the ink to not dry up! When you want to write with it, simply unscrew the lid and post it to the pen. This gives you a more normal size of 135mm (however it is still a little small for my hands).

The cap is a hexagonal shape, and the body is a round clear plastic. The grip section does taper slightly to keep your fingers in place while using it. I didn’t find the pen to be the most comfortable, however I do have giant man-hands, and pretty poor pen-skills. I tend to strangle them.

As I mentioned before, the pen takes a standard international cartridge, however I think it would be the perfect candidate to convert into a eye-dropper, by filling the whole barred with ink. Your ink would be on display whenever you were writing, or even if you had the pen on the desk.

To sum up, this is a solid fountain pen with a budget price tag. It would be great for first time users, or someone looking for something a bit smaller for their pocket. The pen writes well, and has some very distinctive looks.

The pen can be picked up at JetPens Here for $23.50 US – A steal! Thanks again for letting me test out this one!

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4 Responses to Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen – Extra Fin Nib – Blue Body

  1. Jimmy Jones says:


    Looks a decent pen for a fairly cheap price, I like the fact it’s so small when you’re not using it. It’s good that it fits a standard cartridge too.

    Thanks for the review.

    Jimmy Jones @ Office King

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