I finally did it. I caved and bought my very first, legitimate fountain pen. I did some research, read some reviews, and checked my budget (which can be rather tight at times) and finally bit the bullet that I always knew was coming. My order from Notemaker included the Pen, the Z24 converter to allow the use of bottled ink, and one bottle of J. Herbin Sapphire Blue. It was filled and posted pretty quickly, and I had it in my hot little hands about 4 business days later. It has been by my side ever since.

It came in rather humble packaging. A cardboard box, with some slits cut out of opposite corners. The converter I purchased had been slipped in there with it, and it also came with a cartridge of Lamy blue ink. I quite like the dark green colour, and the texture of the packaging. I’m sure it’d make a nice gift.

So what do I think about the pen itself? The construction quality really surprised me. I have read reviews where people have said “it’ll last you ages” and “It’s a work horse pen”, but until I felt the solid plastic body and satisfying “click” of the cap closing, I wasn’t sure. It might be made of plastic, but it’s one of the best quality plastics I have seen in a writing implement.

The body is rounded, with two flat faces on the front and back. These end with the ink window. (which works brilliantly to see how much ink is left in your converter) The clip is a solid wire, which if anything, is a bit too tight. Just look at what it has done to my poor Field Notes book!

The grip of the pen is the same material as the body, however it has finger holds which help you hold the pen in the correct position. The nib is a black steel nib, with “Lamy” and “M” as I went with the Medium.

Opening up the pen, the converter is quite well designed, with two little plastic “knocks” which snap into the body of the pen and hold it firmly. It was quite easy to fill by submerging the nib in the ink, and twisting the red section of the converter.

As soon as I had filled it and cleaned up the excess, I was away, writing on pretty much everything I could see. I was a little disappointed with the lightness of the ink, but that’s something I’ll review separately later. The nib is fairly fine for a Medium. I would almost have expected a thicker line. This isn’t something I’m worried about, as I do prefer a finer pen, however I was trying a wider one so that I might get used to it, and really show off the ink. Maybe my next one will be a broad?

All up I really love this pen. I’m so impressed with it, I have even ordered a Lamy Logo from eBay, and another bottle of ink in a different colour. I can see this one being with me for a long time to come.

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4 Responses to Lamy Safari – Medium Nib, Charcoal Body

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  3. Navin Harish says:

    I have one and I use black ink with it. If the cost of these pens were not prohibitive, I would have bought half a dozen of these and use different colour inks in them.

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