I love finding Australian companies which make interesting stationery. These notebooks by “Mi Goals” from Melbourne are no exception. When Adam (the creator) contacted me and asked me to review them, I was pretty excited to give them a look! He sent me a Notebook, Bucket List and 2013 Diary, all from their range. Check out their website for the full range.

This blurb from their site sums them up pretty well:
“Mi Goals is a lifestyle brand specializing in stationery that inspires. Founded in 2010, over the past few years Mi Goals has grown in leaps and bounds. Starting with a simple goal to create an all in one diary that allows you to write, track and achieve your goals all the while staying organised, Mi Goals has evolved into a brand that’s goal is to inspire and motivate you to reach your goals and live inspired happy lives.

Big or small, we all have goals and want to be happy, our goal is to inspire you to dream big, achieve and become who you want to be. Our stationery is the first step. By providing you with the framework to reach your goals we believe you can achieve anything…but we’re a little selfish too…we want to be a part of your journey.”

The first thing I noticed was the amazing package I received:

It was packaged in a Mi Goals branded box, with all the books sealed in plastic and some neat bookmarks included.

The first one I checked out was the Bucket List. Basically, it’s a notepad which lets your flesh out and keep track of your “100 things to do before you kick the bucket”. It has a fairly stiff cardboard cover, which feels like it would stand up to a bit of a beating (Handy when you will probably be using this book for the rest of your life!).

Inside, you find some inspirational quotes on the slip pages, an example list of items (some easy, some not so easy) then 100 pages of a goal-per-page, and a two-page blank list at the back. The goal pages are set up to allow quite a lot of information, including date of completion, inspiration etc. It’s a great idea, and I love the implementation of it.

Next up we have the Note Book. This guy has a similar cover to the bucket list above, however it’s a black-coloured card with embossed letters. Again, it has inspirational end papers, but inside it has a simple layout of blank/ruled pages, numbered, and headings. At the back it has a blank index page so you can find what you have written quickly.

And last but not least, the 2013 Diary. This one is quite impressive. It has a very solid hard cover, with flexible binding allowing it to open pretty much flat.

The diary has quite a few sections which you wouldn’t find in a normal planner, focusing on goals and achievements. First up, you have a “life rating” section, allowing you to have a base-line of your life before you start the year, an “In 5 years” section, pages for 10 goals, a to-do list, an overview of the year, and for every week there is a set of habits and goals, with check boxes.

There is so much in this diary to keep you motivated and on-target. It’s a really impressive piece of stationery.

And last but not least, there is a paper test. Here you can see the Mi Goals paper stands up to most pens fairly well. There is no bleed, but a little show-through with the heavier pens.

An exceptional product, well presented, and full of great ideas for keeping you on track. All the Mi Goals range comes highly recommended! Thanks Adam for the chance to try them out!

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  1. Jamaal says:

    Do you have any qualifications or experience in publishing
    coz I simply adore the way you create :)

    My site; Jamaal

  2. victoria says:

    Hi there very interested in your diarys do you custom make them and choice of colours and texture/

    Let me know Victoria

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