Typo is a stationery brand which has recently become quite popular in Australia. They are part of the “Cotton On” fashion brand, which makes cheap yet fashionable clothes. I haven’t featured this brand on StationeryReview as I don’t generally shop there, and I was a little against the “stationery-as-a-fashion” mindset, however some recent purchases there have almost changed my mind. -Andrew

A calendar is something that I always leave until January or February to buy. Mainly because I forget about it until I need it for the beginning of uni, but partially because the first of February brings retailer mayhem as they try to rid themselves of their soon-to-be-worthless stock. When Andrew and I were at Typo the other day, I found these. They were originally $4.95 each which is a pretty damned good price in my opinion, but they were on sale for only $1.

They’re a typical Typo style, vintage lens photos or patterns in pastel colours which is pretty much spot on. There was another calendar which was similar however it had barely dressed women in a very  ‘I’m wearing pilot style earmuffs but nothing else and the title above me is some obscure word in French’ style which Typo seems to do a lot of, and I don’t like at all.

They’re only small (15cmx15cm) but they’re handy for a desk area or for the fridge.  The boxes are also quite small, but big enough for writing important dates in. They have a matte finish on the paper which makes them look a little more classic than the typical high gloss calendars. This makes them great to write on as well.

In true hipster fashion, they have dates labelled already with events such as, ‘Wear a Cape Day,’ and ‘Frock Up and Rock Day.’ Unfortunately our wedding anniversary falls on ‘Workaholic’s Day.’ Great. But it is shortly followed by ‘Hot Chocolate Day’ so you win some, you lose some.

The only drawback to these I guess is the size. But all in all they’re a pretty cute addition to our fridge and perhaps a study area. They aren’t available to buy on Typo’s website but if you’re in Australia or NZ they might have some in a local Typo store near you.

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3 Responses to Typo 2012 Calendars – 15cm X 15cm

  1. Kate says:

    Cute! Love the celebrity guest posts. :P

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  3. Patrice says:

    Yeah, I’m more fun hey?

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