Another one of our great purchases from Typo is this note book that I’ve been using recently. It was on sale for $3 and is a pretty decent buy. It has fairly decent quality paper for a cheap note book but it doesn’t really stand up to the fountain pens or the permanent markers as you can see. But the one thing that is pretty awesome with the ruled side is that the lines match the red colour of the book. I haven’t seen this very often but I like it a lot. I’m really big on colour. I think it helps me study more efficiently if I’m not bored by the dullness of my stationery. So the red lines go really nicely with a black or blue pen as well as the colourful Kilometricos and Inkjoys. Although, the green does make it look a little like Christmas… Meh, Christmas is great.

The book opens fairly flat for the first few pages, but after that it’s pretty difficult to write on the alternate pages, which is kind of annoying. The cover is also a thin card with a crease to open which is unfortunate as it really weakens on that crease and has torn already after about 2 weeks. It would really have been better if the binding was more like the Moleskin Cahiers or a spiral. Spirals are where it’s at.

I love that it’s essentially two books which means you can carry the one book for two subjects without having those ultra-nerdy ones with tabs for the subjects. Or, you could use the blank for scribbling or playing the dot game while you’re in class. There’s also a pocket in the cover of the blank side to pop pages in that you’ve torn out which is really handy especially for those pages that you’ve ripped out where you’ve lost the dot game and require storage until time permits that can burn your shame. This never happens for me however because I own at that game. I’m just letting you know in case you wish to purchase this book and are dot game prowess deficient.

I think for me style in stationery is really important. If it’s not visually appealing it’s not going to be fun to use and this book is definitely visually appealing. But I really don’t like that it’s difficult to use as you get to the middle of the book. If this notebook had a red or black spiral it would be really up there on my favourite note books. But since it doesn’t, it’s a wee bit average to use, despite it’s visual appeal.

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  2. Jimmy Jones says:


    Looks like a good notebook. As you said ‘spirals are where it’s at’ so I’m slightly disappointed that it doesn’t have a spiral!

    Thanks for the review
    Jimmy Jones Office King

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