I just so happened to receive a bunch of stationery goodies from Andrew this past week, including a few that he hadn’t reviewed. So I’m starting with the leather Monsieur notebook.

Monsieur Real Leather A6 Notebook

Being A6, this notebook is a very compact and portable size; perfect for those of you who are constantly needing to work away from home. As the title suggests, the notebook is bounded with real leather, another nice little perk. The one I received is green, but Monsieur notebooks come in an array of leather colours including turquoise, pink, red and navy.

Monsieur Real Leather A6 Notebook

This notebook contains 196 ruled pages of nice thick paper. This means that if you’re a fan of using fountain pens to write, you’ll have no problem as the ink doesn’t leak through.

There are a few flaws I personally found with the notebook being such a small size. Firstly, because I write left-handed, the ink was super easy to smudge. If I were to have used a ballpoint pen, it probably wouldn’t have been such a major issue. Secondly, at first glance, I thought the notebook was staple-bound. On second view, I don’t believe this is the case. But because the notebook is so small, it’s difficult to get the pages to lay flat.

Monsieur Real Leather A6 Notebook

The Monsieur leather notebook also comes with a ribbon bookmark, but unfortunately mine has already started to fray. This could be because the notebook is almost four years old, though.

All in all, a very neat little notebook. Personally, it wouldn’t be my first choice, just because I prefer my notebooks in A5 – having them that little bit bigger comes in handy. You can customise your Monsieur notebook, which is a big plus. This includes cover, bands and wraps, inserts, colour, even down to the elastic and ribbon. Who doesn’t enjoy creating their own personalised notebook?

Here’s a link to their website if you wish to get your own.

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