Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t written a review in a couple weeks. I’ve been busy with National Novel Writing Month, which you can find more information on here.  I am also visiting my sister this weekend for Christmas,  but I will try and get them written up weekly. I will upload images of the notebook at a later date. Thank you for your patience! 

ROSSI logo

Not only do ROSSI create high quality notebooks, they also offer a range of notepads.

Similar to their notebooks, which I have reviewed in one of my previous posts, ROSSI’s notepads come in an array of different patterns and colours. An extra plus for their notepads however is that they not only come in two sizes, but three: A5, A6 & A7. The notepad I received to review is an A7, which means that it’s super small, but perfect for transport.

ROSSI Music Notepad

My notepad came with a musical notes pattern, which I personally have never seen on a notepad before. To be honest, all of ROSSI’s notebook and notepad designs are very unique, you definitely wouldn’t find one similar elsewhere.


Same as the notebooks, the pages are very smooth to the touch. I tested their thickness with both a fountain pen and a ball point pen, and there’s not much different in bleed through. It’s visible, which means that the pages aren’t extremely thick, but if you’re just going to be using the notepad for notes, you won’t have any issues.

ROSSI Music Notepad Example

The pages are cream in colour, along with the outside cover, but are blank. This leaves space for you to freely write or draw, without having to follow lines or dots.

The more I write about ROSSI products the more I like them. Their creativity flares in their design and products, especially their notebooks and notepads.

If you’d like to get your hands on a ROSSI notepad in Australia or NZ, you can visit The Paperie, and The Paper Place now have their online store up and running.

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