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ROSSI do some really wonderful fine stationery. There’s a few items I have been sent to review that I’ve been keen to finally get to write about. One of these such items are ROSSI’s special occasion ‘thank you’ cards.

Thank You Cards

These cards are perfect to use for occasions such as weddings or anniversaries. Made with 100% cotton paper, the cards as well as the envelopes are extremely smooth to the touch. A gold ‘thank you’ is all that is written on the front of the card, which means leaves the rest blank for your own personal message.

Thank You Cards

Each envelope is lined with the particular pattern that you choose. ROSSI offer many different patterns and colours, which makes picking the one you like the best extremely difficult.

The box of cards I received also contains 10 cards and 10 envelopes, a good amount in my opinion. However, I am sure that if you needed more, ROSSI would be more than happy to help. Why not pick a few different patterns?

Box of thank you cards

The best part of these ‘thank you’ cards are their size. They’re not huge, and they’re not tiny. They’re perfect even to write a small message to leave for a loved one or a friend.

Card Example

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these gorgeous special occasion ‘thank you’ cards in Australia or NZ, you can visit The Paperie, and the Paper Place will also have their online store up and running soon.



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