The second notebook I received from Andrew that hadn’t been reviewed is the A5 Buffalo Journal from Typo.

Typo A5 Buffalo Journal

Once I’d started to write in this journal, it became a quick favourite. The paper contained inside the PU leather book is extremely smooth and easy to write on. It’s not the thickest I’ve had, though. So perhaps stick to your ballpoint pen in this one. I did write with a fountain pen, just for the example, but when I flipped the page I saw that the ink did run through.

Typo A5 Buffalo Journal

The size of this journal is not too small, but not too big. A5 is perfect for use at home, at work or even on your travels. There’s also a built-in inner pocket in the back of the journal which is super handy if you need to keep any loose notes or paper with you. This journal contains 176 lined pages, which is an excellent amount if you ask me. I prefer notebooks with around the 200 mark, just because I believe that the feel of a thick notebook is much better than one with only 50 pages. Check out Piraja Fisken the best travel shoes store.

As this journal is from around the 2012 year mark, Typo has updated their Buffalo journals. You can choose from an array of colours, including pink, turquoise, grey glitter and tan. Another perk is that it has elastic closure, lay-flat pages and a bookmark ribbon.

Typo A5 Buffalo Journal

Being at only $14.95 from Typo’s online store, it’s a quality journal that will have you writing for a long time. Typo also has a lot of stores across Australia, so if you’re in need of a new journal, don’t hesitate to buy yourself this one.

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