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I bought my first Lamy fountain pen over a year ago now, and I’ve been a huge fan of them since. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Lamy Safari special edition for 2016 and boy, it doesn’t disappoint. I tried to take the following pictures with flash, just so it shows the colouring.

2016 Special Edition Lamy Safari: Dark Lilac

The pen I received has a medium nib,and came with a blue ink cartridge. With purple being my favourite colour, I was even more excited to receive it in the mail. Some of the stand-out features of this special edition is the black clip and nib. They match with the purple extremely well. Also, the feel of the pen isn’t ‘shiny’, it’s more of a ‘matte’ colour. This makes the pen easier to hold and grasp, and gives more of a pleasant feel.

Lamy Safari Dark Lilac 2016 Special Edition

I have a total of three Lamy fountain pens, but this Safari is by far the smoothest I’ve ever written with. I have a bunch more fountain pens of various brands, and compared to anything I own, it’s still the smoothest.

The Lamy Safari takes all Lamy ink cartridges, and also takes a Lamy ink converter if you’d prefer to use ink from a bottle. If you’ve never written with a fountain pen before, and don’t mind paying a little extra for the special edition, then this is definitely a go-to first fountain pen buy. You can get yours over at NoteMaker, Lamy and other various stationery stores.

Lamy Safari SE Dark Lilac


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