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Kiki.K recently brought out a new collection, and I couldn’t resist. Cats!


Cat StationeryA5 Feature Journal

   I picked up the A5 feature journal, along with a 4 pack of adhesive notes and a cute mint green ballpoint pen. I can’t tell you how adorable the collection is, you’ll just have to go and be tempted for yourself.

The feature journal has a bunch of different patterned pages, including blank, lined, dotted and squared. Most of the pages also contain cute pictures of cats in odd places.

The colour scheme that Kiki.K have chosen to go with the images is perfect. Pastel pink and mint green go great together, and definitely match with the cats.

A5 Feature Journal

Not only am I more than happy with the journal, the ballpoint pen is cute too. It’s a good writer, and KiKi.K have refills, so you know you’ll never run out. The adhesive notes are perfect for study, or even used as bookmarks. If you’re a huge fan of cats and stationery, I’d suggest to get yourself into a store near you, or even buy online.

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