Over at Bellroy, they’ve created something new that everyone can enjoy.  On November 8th, Bellroy launched their notebook cover; a leather cover for your notebook, cards and a pen.


Bellroy’s notebook cover is for those who are looking for a better way to protect their notebook or sketch pad. The cover is made from premium vegetable-tanned leather and is ideal for creative professionals who need to jot down ideas quickly, or record thoughts and lists to free their minds from the clutter.

“We wanted to design a jacket that compliments the notebook it covers. With an invisible closure and storage that hides your cards, we were able to deliver that pure experience.” – Hadrien, M, Head Product Designer.

The notebook cover comes in five main colours: black, blue steel, caramel, eucalyptus and java.  Being made out of pure leather means that colour variations are small, but for a product that is going to protect whatever is inside, it is very attractive and appealing.


Bellroy’s notebook cover comes with a magnet closure that keeps your notes secure, while having debossed detailing which holds your pen in place when clipped over the spine. There is also extra storage inside that can hold a couple of cards if you’re using it on-the-go.

The idea of the notebook cover is to keep your ideas protected in a cover that is worthy of its contents. Being a writer myself, this product is definitely something I would use without a doubt; especially considering it is made of leather and will last me a lifetime.

Notebook cover features:


▪                     Fits a small (3.5 x 5.5 inch) notebook or 1-2 passports

▪                     205mm x 103mm

▪                     Pre-loaded with a free Bellroy notebook

▪                     Space for a pen

▪                     4-6 cards

▪                     Magnetic closure

▪                     Premium vegetable-tanned leather

▪                     Covered by our 3 year warranty


If you’d like to know more about Bellroy and their products, or get your hands on one of their new notebook covers, please head on over to their website. 


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