A few months ago, I reviewed an awesome customised notebook: Bookblock Original. Now Bookblock is launching a new project called Bookblock editions, which is a creative collaboration between 12 leading illustrators and customised notebook experts, Bookblock.


12 leading UK and international illustrators have joined forces with British notebook experts, Bookblock, in a limited series called Editions. The Bookblock Editions collection will feature four unique designs from:

  • Supermundane
  • Rob Flowers
  • Annu Kilpeläinen
  • David Doran
  • Ben O’Brien
  • Marylou Faure
  • Maggie Chiang
  • Thomas Hedger
  • Alec Doherty
  • Martina Paukova
  • Claudine O’Sullivan
  • Kristen Boydstun


The dynamic range showcases an array of beautiful, colourful designs ranging from expressive hand-drawn animal studies and fantastical watercolour landscapes to graphical geometric patterns and vector cityscapes – all digitally printed on Bookblock’s soft touch covers.

Each of the notebooks is created in the illustrators’ own distinctive style with an array of different page designs, making them collectables for illustration fans and must-have accessories for stationery lovers on the hunt for something different. So if you happen to have a best friend who is an artist or writer, this would be the best Christmas present opportunity right here at your fingertips.

Bookblock Editions

Since 2013, Bookblock has been making premium custom notebooks and leather accessories of the highest quality for brands and agencies. With a goal to further develop their customisation offering and product range, whilst introducing traditional bookbinding methods to their processes, Bookblock merged with one of the UK’s oldest bookbinders in 2015. If you’d like to read my previous review of BookBlock Original, you can find it here, or check out Bookblock Original’s custom notebooks range.

With this merge came the opportunity to experiment, and Bookblock was able to develop an ambition to offer high quality printed notebooks in small batch quantities. Making use of their ties to the creative community, Bookblock worked with a range of illustrators to test out the service. But as word spread about the notebooks these illustrators were creating, interest poured in and it became clear that these illustrated notebooks were both beautiful and sought after. And with that Bookblock Editions was born.

Bookblock Editions 2

Bookblock Editions notebooks were released on the 3rd of November and I’m super keen to get my hands on one of the Editions to review. If  you’d like to get your hands on one, you can just go here: Bookblock Editions.

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