A huge congratulations to Bethan Lebeau on winning the $100 Milligram voucher! We hope you love your new stationery.

Please contact us at jade@stationeryreview.com so we can give you the details on how to claim your prize.

We would just love to thank Milligram for making this competition possible. Please check out their awesome stationery over at their website.


3 Responses to Winner Announcement

  1. Lakesha says:

    I love that Tracey! Great shot and the texture adds so much to it. Thanks for that link, too. I will have to check it out.I think you told that story over at Picture Th.i..sshe got something in her eye that caused her to go into shock. Scary stuff. :(

  2. http://www./ says:

    J’avais bien aimé ces motifs flamands chez Sandro l’été dernier, mais j’avais craqué uniquement sur le tee shirt Bérengère Claire avec le flamand

  3. IvaniusPues yo, al igual que Jolie, ni idea de quién es “Flecha negra” y lo peor, como aquí no puedo ver videos, me quedé sin ver el segmento que subiste.Del que si me acuerdo es de Robinson Crusoe; maravillosa novela de Daniel Defoe que tanto me gustó… y la cual, como muchas otras granes novelas, al ser llevada al cine perdió casi todo su encanto.En la noche que vea el video, regreso.Saludos

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