My previous post gave an overview of Bookblock’s new flagship product, the Weskin. My sample product finally came in the mail and I can give you the full guided tour. I’m not disappointed. Let me warn you that my photo’s aren’t quite as good as Bookblock’s professional ones, but they definitely show how awesome this notebook is.


The Weskin contains several great features, which are mentioned here, so I won’t go over all of them again. Some major features do stand out though. At first glance, I thought the Weskin was actually a hard-cover – until I picked it up in my excited little fingers. The geometric patterns on the end-pages are very sophisticated.


The cloth-bound cover is a great touch and adds to the modern design of the notebook. Having two bookmarks is brilliant – I always find that when I take notes I need to be in two places at once. With the Weskin, anything is possible.


My favourite part of the Weskin has to be the pages. Not only are they soft and silky to the touch – my fountain pen doesn’t bleed through.


If you’re on the market for a new notebook that looks fancy with gilded edges, but is also extremely practical, then you’ve come to the right place.  The Bookblock Shop will be up and running soon, so you can get your paws on one of these fantastic notebooks.


If you’ve read any of my previous reviews on Bookblock, you’ll understand how great their notebooks are.  The company has taken another step and created the Weskin, a one-of-a-kind notebook.


The Weskin is your perfect notebook companion, whether you’re working, studying, or just writing. The notebook is A5 in size (not too big, not too small),  comes with a pretty gilt edge, and is available in classic navy blue, contemporary yellow or muted grey. The Weskin also has a geometric lining, and comes complete with a double grosgrain ribbon – all of the must-have notebook essentials.


Other essentials include that the notebook lays flat, has a semi-flex (not quite as soft as a soft-cover, but not a hard-cover), is covered in durable textured cloth and comes with a silver, metallic geometric bellyband – a great bookmark alternative.


The launch of Bookblock’s flagship product, the Weskin, comes with the introduction of the Bookblock shop – an easier way for you to get your hands on everything Bookblock by purchasing online. The shop isn’t quite ready yet, but when it’s up and running in the next few weeks, you can get your personal Weskin here at the Bookblock shop. 

Bookblock has been kind enough to send me a sample product too, so when I get my hands on the notebook I will make sure to give you all of the testing details. Until then, let these images entice you.



ROSSI logo

Back in September 2015, I reviewed ROSSI’s products for the first time. Their new 2017 notebook collection is just as wonderful as ever, and I have the fantastic opportunity of reviewing some of their samples. First up, the gold foil collection.

Gold foil collection

In my previous posts about ROSSI, I reviewed some of their gorgeous notepads. To be honest, I believe these colourful gold foil notebooks are even more beautiful. These notebooks come in two different sizes, A5 or A6, and an array of colours to suit your needs (and especially wants). I’ll start with the soft-cover notebooks.

soft-cover notebooks

The mint and honey notebooks on the left are A5 in size, whereas the pink and cobalt blue on the right are A6. Each notebook colour has coloured pages to match, which makes these notebooks one of my favourite. These notebooks are also jam-packed with 50 pages, so they’ll last you a long time when needing to write down notes. On to the hard-cover notebook.

hard-cover notebook

The A5 hard-cover notebook can also be customised with gold foil edging. There are 120 lined, thick pages inside, so that when you write with a fountain pen (like me), the ink won’t bleed through. The hard-cover notebook also comes with a front ‘about you’ page, where you can display your name, address and other details in case it gets lost (see below). The only thing missing would be some form of bookmark to keep your page. Other than that, this beautiful notebook is simply perfect.

front page

writing sample










These notebooks come in eight different colours for you to enjoy: honey, mint, lavender, azure blue, pearl, scarlet red, pink and tobacco. ROSSI’s stationery collection is one of a kind, so if you enjoy their notebooks as much as I do, please head on over to their website.

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