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Recently, I signed up for the Borders book store VIP club, which came with an included $20 store credit (Just for signing up!). I had a bit of a browse, and the thing that appealed most to me was the XL Moleskine Cahiers. I didn’t have a general notebook, and the extra large, ruled pages suited me perfectly. Anyway, on to the review!

Sealed in Plastic

Closeup on Label

The package itself was quite impressive. 3 ruled, 96 page notebooks for $24 Australian. Most of the other Moleskine options were a very similar price for much less. If you are looking for high quality note paper, and want something a bit bigger than the normal Moleskine “Large” size, this is probably your best bet.

What You Get

The contents were essentially what you expect, 3 notebooks, a paper strip to show what you were buying, a “History of Moleskine” booklet in a bunch of languages, and a Quality Assurance sticker. The package really gives you the feeling of quality, knowing that someone has gone through and inspected each book by hand, and the Moleskine guarantee really gives you piece of mind.

Back Pokets


The paper is Moleskine’s creamy, smooth, chinese blend, weighing in at 90GSM. It feels great to write on with any kind of pen, but my main pen at the moment is a Rollerball pen, with a rather fine tip. This writes beautifully and gives you a solid, thin line. Fountain pens also love the paper, as there isn’t much bleed and it helps the tip glide smoothly. I haven’t included any writing shots, as I took these when I opened the pack. Hopefully next time I have my camera out I can update the review with some.

The notebooks themselves have the last 16 sheets (32 pages) detachable, which is excellent for notes or spare paper. The back pocket is also only secured on two edges (Side and bottom) which allows for larger sheets to be slipped in much easier than the normal, 3-side secured pockets you would find on the smaller varieties.

All in all, I think these are great notebooks, and will be part of my daily usage.

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or queries, please post them in the comments! I am interested in feedback and ideas for more reviews, as the site is just getting started!

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