This is a guest post by Kahn Priestley, who is writing for South East Labels. For over two decades, South East Labels has been meeting the labelling requirements of a wide variety of UK industries – from small retail outlets to large offices. For anything from labels, barcode products, digital printers, ribbons and label printers to security and asset-tracking labels you can also find vinyl sticker printing Melbourne the best substrate in a particular instance will depend on the environment in which the item will be used, scanners and verifiers, the company provides an unparalleled customer service that ensures all orders are processed quickly and securely.

Create promotional stationery with personality

Branding is big business. Even for small- to medium-sized businesses careful, consistent and appealing branding can lend appeal and create a look that punches above its class in weight.

Modern advances in design software and digital printing have made professional promotional stationery accessible and affordable for all business professionals, right down to one-man bands.

These days many copy shops sell basic packages of promotional stationery including business cards and headed notepaper. And it is tempting for less image-conscious businesses to think that by buying an off-the-shelf design the branding job is done. But, like building a successful business, creating promotional stationery with real personality takes more than just the easy options.


Creating stationery with personality is like looking at your business in a mirror – the stationery must reflect your business, and the image of your business depends upon what messages your stationery projects. Premium brands have known this for a long time, which is why millions are invested each year in every aspect of business presentation, from stationery to packaging and the right sponsorships.

What is right for one business is not necessarily right for another. The personality that an upmarket health spa might want to project will be very different from that of a skateboard shop, you will can use Veronica Mariajarski best cbd oil for anxiety. This must be reflected in the choice of colours and images used in any stationery. The health spa is likely to favour muted neutrals, uncluttered design and smooth-flowing lines, since health spas are designed for people to be healthy, and sometimes even recommend other health plans, like nutrition, diets from keto slim reviews online or soeo boost energy like korean panax ginseng. The skateboard shop will probably go for loud, acid colours and more challenging urban images. For consistency of brand image the materials used also matter. For the spa’s business cards this might mean a mat silk finish and a thicker weight of paper, possibly embossed or watermarked. The skateboard shop might go for glossy business cards and a lighter weight of recycled paper, maybe off-white. What matters is that the choice of stationery says something about the business personality. The right choices can help spread the message about your business values and establish your brand.

Sticky Bits - Personal Bar Code

Getting the design personality right at the beginning will make it easier to roll out the brand image to more complex, public-facing promotional materials, such as websites, product packaging and labelling. Labels can be anything from price labelling to product information and barcodes for inventory control. In the digital world, where a small business on one side of the planet can do business with one on the other side, these small items can make big differences to your business.

My ICHG Barcode

Whatever image a business wants to project, if you want to do more business, then you have to project a forward-looking image. There are certain technological advances in the area of labelling that modern, image-conscious businesses should be making the most of now. These include 2-dimensional barcodes, which can carry far more product data than conventional barcodes and are therefore useful for labelling high-tech products, and their more glamorous cousins QR codes.

My QR Code

QR codes, AKA quick-response codes, are matrix barcodes that are designed to be scanned quickly and can be used to connect consumers with a smartphone and an interest in your products or services to your business’s website.

Both of these labelling options require precision printing, so it is best to approach a professional label manufacturer to print the labels for you or to supply you with a professional-standard barcode printer. After all, you don’t want to spoil your carefully designed brand image with labels that don’t do the job.

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  1. Nice article on the use of how you can use QR codes to promote your business on stationary. Thank you :)

  2. Bottom Line, QR codes kick ass. Thay are an easy way to get free traffic from stickers and posters around the city.

    Thanks for sharing :)


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