It would seem that Moleskine have gone colour-crazy in their recent releases. I was browsing their home page and RSS feed today, and noticed a number of new products, all either an update of an existing product, or a whole new one in bright, vibrant colours. This is great if you are a bit over-exposed with the original black covers. Anyway, here is a round-up of the news:

New Moleskine Roller Pen Colours
Moleskine Roller Pens
The new roller pens offered compliment the existing Writing range which I introduced last Moleskine post. The colours seem bright a vibrant, but without actually having used the pens, I can’t be┬ádefinite. As with the rest of them, they are designed to clip to Moleskine notebooks. Always a neat feature!

New Extra-Small Hard Cover Notebooks
XS Notebooks
Moleskine announced a cute new set of hard cover notebooks. These Extra Small, ruled or plain books are designed to be carried in a pocket. They come in some fruity colours: yellow, green, pink and purple, with matching elastic closure and contrasting coloured label.

The New Volant Notebook Colours
New Volant Colours
Moleskine have also announced the new Volant cover colours. The green and orange (while decidedly Australian) compliments the existing colour schemes well. They are available in soft cover through all the sizes, ruled and plain.

Moleskine 2011-2012 18 Month Planner
18month Diary
While not specifically coloured, the new 18 month planners (July 2011 – December 2012) are available now. The image above has a nice pink one, but they are available in the standard Black and Red, hard or soft cover, and a range of sizes. My current diary is a Large, week-to-a-page Moleskine 18month from last year. Maybe I should consider updating?

In other news, I have sent a number of emails to stationery manufacturers and suppliers today, in the hopes of getting some more paid advertisment or sample products. If you are reading this and want a link, a sponsored blog post or a review on the site, please email me! (Contact details are in the footer)

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