Note pads are not something that I have used much in the past. I was much more fascinated by notebooks, where what you wrote was permanent and you could refer back to it later, however this isn’t always needed.

Working in IT, it is surprising how often you use scrap paper or Post-it notes to hand messages to a colleague, note something for later, or doodle on during a long phone call. This is where the Rhodia Bloc pads come in. Available in sizes ranging from A7 to A3, I opted for the smallest one for this test.



The notepad has some great features, which are standard over the whole range of pads. They have 80GSM “Extra white” paper, 160 sheets, micro-perforations for page removal, a very firm cardboard back, scored cover (in black or orange) so the whole thing folds back easily and reinforced staple binding to keep the pad together after serious use. The ruling is also a nice light purple, which contrasts well with either black or blue ink.

Writing Test


I was very impressed with the writing test. Rhodia paper is always super-smooth and a pleasure to write on. Some things to note though, there was a little feathering on the Pilot Varsity, and the show-through wasn’t the best I have seen, but it is only a pad, and you generally would only use one side of the page.. all in all, for 80GSM paper, and I think it is still way ahead of the competition.


I am really happy with this little pad. I would recommend any of these Rhodia pads to anyone who uses a lot of scrap paper in the home or office. You can flip the cover and leave them just about anywhere handy. My only regret is I didn’t get a bigger one!

I picked this up at Notemaker, and I suggest you do the same!

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