I have always been a big fan of Zebra pens. I used the Jimnie Gel RT throughout high school (That was a while ago) and loved it. So when I was putting together my JetPens order before I started this website, I knew I had to get something Zebra.

The AR7 Arrowtip didn’t disappoint. My love of strong inks and smooth writing wins out over my preference for finer pens. See the review below:

The Review

While I don’t use Red pens very often day-to-day, I can see this being an excellent addition to a teachers pencil case, or if you do a lot of technical sketches, often adding another colour really helps visualise the more complicated designs.


The pen looks rather nice, and is built solid, like you can expect from a large pen manufacturer.

Ink Window

To wrap up, it’s a smooth, solid, although short pen from one of my favourite manufacturers. Definitely recommended!

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