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These notebooks are the first Clairefontaine-branded paper products I have reviewed. While it comes out of the same paper mill as the Rhodia Webbie I reviewed, there is just something right about having the original brand in front of you. And I have to say, I do quite like it.

I picked these up with a Notemaker order I put through a while ago (I think. To be honest I have kind of forgotten). They are about $12 for a set of two (Product page here), which is a little on the expensive side, but as you will see, worth the extra cost.

As stated on the band which comes wrapped around the two notebooks, the features are as follows: 2 lined notebooks consisting of 48 sheets of paper (96 writeable pages, both sides). This paper is 90gsm Clairefontaine-milled, “Satin Finish” acid free in white, and ruled in purple.

The cover is a fairly stiff black cardboard, but they also come in a variety of colours, including green, red and uncoloured cardboard. There is the Clairefontaine logo embossed on the front cover service two purposes, to display the brand, and show you which side of the book is the front. It can be deceptive when both covers are identical! The books are bound with three solid staples in the spine. There are no perforated pages.

The writing test is where they shine. My Lamy fountain pen just glided over the satin paper, leaving a nice consistent flow of ink. There was absolutely no feathering, even when I was using the Sharpie marker. One thing you might want to take note of however, is with this fine, smooth paper it can take longer for some inks to dry, as they don’t soak in as quickly.

If you are not as in to fountain pens as I am, the paper also stood up very well with the smooth Papermate Inkjoy 100 I tried. It did take a second for the ballpoint to pick up, but once it did, smooooth.

The other great thing about the paper is that it’s a bit thicker than normal notebook paper. This means that there is barely any show-through from the pens. While it doesn’t stand up to the Sharpie, it’s still pretty impressive!

The ruling in these notebooks (and the Rhodia Bloc Pads) is purple. Whoever thought that up was brilliant. It’s one of those things you only notice after you start writing, the lines don’t take the attention away from the colour of your pen. When you spend money on a specific colour ink for your nice pens, the last thing you want is a dark line below it.

As I said in my written review, these notebooks are excellent for the space-conscious student (My wife loves the A5 size, as she only takes her handbag to uni), or anyone who loves some seriously smooth paper. Highly recommended!

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    • Maverick says:

      A simple and iniltelgent point, well made. Thanks!

    • pas être négatif de voir les choses telles qu’elles sont. Je suis ni en colère, ni triste. Mais je suis pas né hier, et je me fais pas d’illusion. C’est mieux de rêver en couleurs?Ok, je noirci le trait, mais c’est pour bien souligner. Et par un certain amour de la provocation. Ça fait de bon débats!

    • Wow this one does sound good sort of like a mix betwen fantasy and a little UF. Plus I agree that cover is pretty cool. :)Thanks for showing this off I shall have to add it to my wishlist soon.

    • May Ona Det er samma greia med lÃ¥r som det er med ost: Har osten hull, er den bedre enn osten uten hull. Jarlsberg gruser Norvegia lett. Jeg har sett deg strutte i lÃ¥rkorte skjørt (uten noen lettkleddassosiasjoner what so ever!) mang en gang, og alltid tenkt at: Ã…shild, du har flotte bein! ps: Jeg elsker kleine innlegg, og celulitter er som smilehull Ã¥ regne. Heia glade lÃ¥r!

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