A while ago I was sent some of these fascinating paper clips to review. They are designed to hold up to 12 pages together firmly, and leave a stylish, personalised corner on the stack of documents.

As you can see, they are available in a wide range of colours, and can be personalised on both the front and the back. I think they would be excellent for wedding stationery, or if you clip one on the corner of your business card, they make you stand out a bit from the crowd.


They are very easy to use, simply place them in the corner of your stack of paper, fold the little corners over to hold it together, then bend the clip along the fold line, and it stays very firmly and looks great in the corner. I think these are an excellent replacement for the tired old standard paper clip, and would really work a treat in a lot of situations.

They are easy to store, and some orders come with a neat little container.

They are available to order in a number of quantities, depending on how many you need, and they aren’t too expensive either. Check out the full range over at ClassicClips.com

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