My first ever fountain pen was a Lama Safari (As reviewed here) and so I feel an attachment with the brand. They are a German company, who makes writing instruments from low-budget ($10 or so) ballpoint pens, to the high-end luxury fountain pens. I recently contacted the Australian Lamy distributor and they offered to send me some pens to try out, so here is the Lamy Nexx, in the brand new limited edition Citron colour!

The Nexx is a pen which Lamy have developed and marketed to early teenagers, or children who are a little too old for their “ABC” range. It’s priced at $39 (depending on the retailer), which is a little cheaper than a Safari. The body is made from anodised aluminium, which tapers from circular at the grip, to triangular at the end of the pen. Unfortunately this means you can’t post the cap.

One thing I did notice is the body can be dented fairly easily, so care should be taken so you don’t drop the pen. Then again, some people like the “Beat up” look of worn in stationery.

One thing I love about this pen is the nib. I don’t know if it is because my Safari has the dark-coloured nib, or if it was just luck, but this Nexx writes much smoother. It still suffers from a fair bit of Nib Creep though, just like all the Lamy nibs I have used.

For the writing test I have used the standard blue Lamy cartride that came with the pen. While I’m not reviewing the ink, it is a nice blue, a little on the light side, but has some nice shading.

The medium nib gives a very smooth, wet line, and has some variation when you press a bit harder. It didn’t skip until I drew really quickly.

Personally, I don’t think the Nexx is for me. My hands are too big, leaving the shorter body and the fairly small grip uncomfortable for more than a few lines of writing. But for smaller hands (the target audience) I think Lamy have done a great job. The cap is vibrant, the nib is great, and the overall look is fairly “hip”. I would definitely recommend it for any younger writers!

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3 Responses to Lamy Nexx Citron – Medium Nib, Blue Cartridge

  1. Donaldo Mitsunori Dagnone says:

    Thanks for the review! Lamy Next is my first fountain pen (bought a couple of weeks ago)…I didn’t know it was target for young audiences!

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