Recently I was contacted by Nicholas from the Notice Life team about reviewing some of their Large-format organisational stationery products. I don’t personally use a planner very often, so it was interesting to try some of the other options which are out there.

This is what I received in the mail: Two “A7″ To-Do sticky note pads, an A3 Monthly calendar and an A1-sized 2012-2013 financial year calendar for hanging on a wall.

First up, the sticky notes. The set contains two pads of 50 sheets per pad, and they are printed on a nice 120GSM matte white paper.  They feature three main fields, the large “To Do” section, which has enough room to write almost any single-take, and explain a little about it. Then they have the “Owner” and “Finish” sections down the bottom. As you can see in the second picture, the paper stands up really well to Fountain Pens, and there is no show-through at all on the back.

Second, the Monthly Calendar. This pad has 65 sheets of 80GSM paper, which is still nice and thick. The calendar is undated, so it will always be usable. Each Monday field gives you a “Week Starting” section so you still know where you are up to. There is also three “check box” sections for each day, allowing you to plan achievable goals. The weekend boxes are still there, but are coloured blue. We all know that the weekend isn’t time off for everyone! Down the right-hand side there is a notes section, however this gets smaller and smaller the further down you go, due to the style.

Finally, we have the A1 wall-sized 2012-13 financial calendar. It’s definately a big one, and it comes shipped folded down to a little less than A3 size. This means that when you get it out of it’s package, it does have the typical bends and folds of a piece of paper this size. After some unfolding, I was able to secure it to my door with some sticky tape. It’s made from 185GSM paper, and holds up to a lot of punishment. Each day box is large enough to hold a few words, and the calendar is laid out in a way you can use highlighters to indicate larger portions of time.

All up, I think the Notice Life stationery is a great product for a business environment where paper is still king. After all, nothing beats seeing target dates on a big wall calendar, or to-dos stuck to your monitor.

These and a few other varieties are available from Notemaker or directly by contacting

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