A few months ago my great uncle passed away. While I wasn’t incredibly close to him, he had been through a lot in his life, and he had always been very kind to me.

Once the paperwork was done, and some of his inheritance was passed to me, I thought it would be fitting to get something to remember him by. After doing some research I found the Visconti line of pens suited perfectly, so I contacted Goldspot pens who offered me an excellent price (much cheaper than over-the-counter) and also offered to include the “My Pen” personalisation, in remembrance of my uncle.

This pen isn’t one that I bought to “review”, it’s a finely crafted object which lets me remember my uncle every time I use it. As such, I won’t be picking at it’s flaws, or lauding it’s specifics. I have included some pictures below of the pen, because I know people will want to look at it. The writing was done with J Herbin Sapphire Blue ink.

Thanks again to Goldspot Luxury Gifts for the discount, and excellent service.

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