I managed to spend my birthday voucher this year on a pack of three A5 essential notebooks from Kikki.K; a Swedish designed stationery shop. They not only have notebooks and journals, but also sell some gorgeous gifts and homewares. Now, back to the review. These essential notebooks usually come in an array of colours and designs depending on the season and what Kikki.K desire as fashionable at the time. Each notebook in a pack are unique, following the same colour scheme with different layouts. The three that I purchased include a mix of pink, black and yellow – but I wasn’t too worried about the looks, rather the quality of the paper and how many pages it contained. Was it worth the $14.95? Yes, I think so.

Kikki.K A5 Essential Notebooks

These notebooks have a slim design and are A5, which make them quite easy to transport. Their outer cover is glossed and soft, whereas the 52 lined pages are of high quality. The pages are thick, perhaps around 90gsm without being too accurate, which means you can write with any pen or pencil you desire including the glorious fountain pen and the ink will not be seen on the reverse page. Each page is ruled in black with only a small Kikki.K logo at the bottom which I find attractive. This lets you write freely without any on-page distractions. The notebooks have an elastic closure, making it an easy task to write front and back.

writing sample

The only downside I can think of is the actual amount of pages offered. I usually prefer to use notebooks with at least 100 pages so that I don’t run out. However, Kikki.K has cheekily included three notebooks in the pack, so technically you’re buying 156 pages in total.

Overall, I believe the quality of these essential notebooks are of a high standard. If you need something small, light and attractive just to throw in your bag for notes, then these will work nicely for you. You can pick yours up here, or head in-store.

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