Hey everyone, just thought I’d give you a little introduction on myself as you haven’t really seen any reviews for a while. I’m Jade, one of Andrew’s younger sisters and have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Writing. While I’ve always adored stationery, I’ve never really thought about reviewing it. Since Andrew has been pretty busy with work and personal life, I’ve decided to step up and try out writing my own reviews. Enjoy.

Lamy Al-star fountain pen in black/purple

Wolfgang Fabian did a good job designing the Lamy Al-star fountain pen. Being a new addition to the fountain pen-loving people, I decided to go with this one. The light-weight aluminium body is a plus, making the pen easy to hold and handle when writing. With the ink cartridge installed however, it feels like a real sophisticated pen with that little extra weight – not just an el-cheapo plastic one. I went with the black/purple – being two of my favourite colours – and also chose a fine nib as I’ve always been the one to enjoy a thin line.

The pen I purchased came with a free blue ink cartridge and a free converter. I’ve used bottled ink before and don’t mind it when writing at home, but the ability to be able to take my pen with me to University is a plus. I installed the blue ink cartridge and it works like a charm. Getting used to writing with a fountain pen brought back memories of learning cursive in high school. With such a cool pen, I didn’t wish to really use it any other way. I must admit, the fine nib did seem a little more towards the medium side, but I haven’t yet tested out any others to actually confirm that.

Lamy Al-star fountain pen test

The Lamy Al-star fountain pen is also fully customisable. By that, I mean you can choose the colour of the pen’s body, to either use ink cartridges or bottled ink and also the nib size. They even have a nib for the left-handed. On the plus side, I’m a lefty and can still use their other nibs without any problems. The metal clip on the pen comes in handy, especially when I need to transport it from place to place. The pen also has an ink level window so you can tell if you’re getting close to needing a refill.


All in all, an awesome pen which quickly became my favourite so far. There’s plenty more fountain pens to explore.

If you wish to check out what other pens Lamy offers, or to get your own Al-star fountain pen, head to their website here.

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2 Responses to Lamy Al-star Black/Purple Fountain Pen

  1. d4g6k11 says:

    I’ve always been a pencil user. I guess I’m afraid of making mistakes and the option to erase markings is so easy and thus attractive to me. Having said that fountain pens have always had an allure. Is this pen recommended for a first time user or am I better of starting elsewhere? After all at $60 the wallet takes a bit of a hit.

    • Jade says:

      Hi there,

      I’d definitely recommend this to any first-time users. As I’ve stated in the post, I’m quite new to writing with a fountain pen myself and this was my first choice. They aren’t cheap, I agree; a good quality fountain pen is going to be on the pricey side. But you’ll definitely have this one for a long time. A tip from me? Stock up on cartridges, unless you are going to use the converter. I hope this helps.

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