The next few posts are all going to be reviews on the stationery suppliers called ROSSI. They cover a wide range of fine stationery products including notebooks, pencils, gift wrapping paper, greeting cards, invitations and much more. I will individually go through some of their products to review them in detail.  At the end of each post, I’ll let you know where you can get your own ROSSI products.

ROSSI logo

Just before I go into the review, I’d love to tell you a little bit about ROSSI stationery. ROSSI is a family owned company founded in 1931 by Antonio Rossi. They are located in Florence, Italy, and take great care in the creation, production and packaging of their products. ROSSI also use a traditional letterpress machine for all of their products and the paper is handmade.

The first of the ROSSI product I’m going to review is their gorgeous gift wrapping paper. I personally didn’t need to give anyone a gift at the moment, so I decided to get creative and cover a book with it instead. I haven’t reviewed wrapping paper before, but from my knowledge of store bought paper compared to ROSSI, theirs is a huge improvement.


If you were to go to a local store here in Australia and buy some wrapping paper for $2, you’d only be getting super thin, plastic-like paper that is printed in mass distribution. Your money’s worth, I guess you could say. However, ROSSI’s wrapping paper is 10x better. Let me explain why.

ROSSI paper

Not only does the paper look amazing, it also feels very strong and smooth to the touch. This could be because the paper is rather thick, being printed on 85 gsm paper; another positive.

ROSSI allows for many colours and designs in their wrapping paper. The colours are very beautiful and vibrant, making their collection extremely flexible. You could use their paper for birthdays, anniversary gifts, Christmas presents (they do create a Christmas line), and anything else you need. To be honest, I almost didn’t want to use it because it’s so pretty. ROSSI also cater for personalised prints and packaging upon request.

ROSSI paper example

You can read more about their collection of high quality paper here.

Although ROSSI is an Italian company, lucky for us they do have a supplier in Australia and New Zealand. The Paperie are situated in Manly, NSW, but also have an online store. I’d suggest to check out their products if you’re interested. There is also a retail store called The Paper Place situated in Sydney. Their online store will be up and running soon; another place where you can get some of your own awesome ROSSI products. Both of their contact details are on their website.


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