After purchasing the Baoer 801, I wanted to find myself an even prettier pen. This is how I came to find the Sheaffer Agio 9094.

Sheaffer Agio 9094 Rainbow Fountain Pen

This fountain pen is the most beautiful pen I’ve had the pleasure of owning. It has a chrome trim, is quite slim but comes with a very comfortable grip. I chose a fine nib once again, maybe one day I’ll branch out and try and review some other types of nibs. For now, I use most of my fountain pens for everyday writing – so I wished to pick a nib that suited me best.

Sheaffer Agio 9094 Rainbow Fountain Pen

Inked with Diamine Majestic Purple, the Sheaffer Agio 9094 is one of the smoothest pens I’ve had the chance to write with. I hadn’t used bottled ink before and thought a lovely purple would be perfect with a rainbow pen, so while I waited anxiously for it to arrive in the mail I decided to ask: how do I clean my fountain pen? Well, it’s actually quite simple, and the guys over at the Facebook Fountain Pens public group helped me out.

All in all, I’m using this pen on pretty much a daily basis, but swapping between my others too. The chrome might make some wish to clean it more often then use, but once you get over that hurdle it’s definitely a pen that turns heads.

I purchased this fountain pen from eBay, but it was on the pricier side. Apparently, the model isn’t made anymore. But I’m not extremely knowledgeable in terms of vintage pens, so I’ll leave that up to you. If I were to give the Sheaffer Agio 9094 a number out of 10, I’d probably give it a 9. It quickly became one of my favourites. If you want to get your hands on one for yourself, just search the title of the pen in eBay. There are a couple sellers about.


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