I’d first just like to apologise for the short amount of reviews lately. It’s been a busy semester of study, and hopefully after the next couple weeks I can update more frequently. 


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After what seemed like a really long time, I finally received my customised notebook in the mail from Bookblock Original. I was so excited to see the finished product. Being able to choose everything, down to type of pages and front cover image, really personalised the notebook for me.  I’ve completed a review for Bookblock before, but I wanted to let you all know just how awesome this notebook really is.

BookBlock Custom Notebook5

Above is the designed notebook that I created. It comes in A5 size, my favourite, with my custom image on the front. It also has an elastic close, a ribbon bookmark and blank pages inside. The best part about this notebook is the customisation. If you want ruled pages, you can have it. If you want dotted pages, you can have it. This also makes the notebook extremely handy for gift ideas as you could put a family photo on the front.

BookBlock Custom Notebook4

The image is extremely high quality, and the feel of the notebook is beautiful. I’m not going to go into the specifications, as I did that in my previous post, but I’ve never come across anything quite like this notebook design before. The pages are also quite thick, which makes it great for writing with fountain pens. I don’t think I could even tell you about a flaw if I tried to find one. Don’t mind the writing, but the picture below shows an example of the inside of the notebook. I was writing with a Lamy Safari medium point, and got little to no bleed-through on the pages.

Writing in Bookblock Original

If you’d like to get your hands on one of your own customised notebooks, head on over to BookBlock Original’s easy-to-navigate website. I must warm you though, it might take you a while to decide all of your personalised features!

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