I was approached by Bookblock Original a couple months ago, who create custom notebooks. This post is in regards to their 2015 Kickstarter Campaign, and their vision for making notebooks customisable for us all. I haven’t received my notebook yet, but when I do, I’ll make another review of the book itself including quality of the cover, paper, pages, etc. 



One of my favourite things is to pick up a new, fresh journal or notebook, and begin writing on the first blank, empty page. But what if that notebook was even better? You got to customise the front cover, the pages, include elastic and even decide if you want a ribbon. Well, now you can; and Bookblock Original is who we have to thank for it.

BookBlock Custom Notebook2

 Bookblock Original is the brainchild of custom notebook manufacturers Book Block. Bookblock create fully customised notebooks for businesses, brands and organisations in high- volumes. Bookblock Original notebooks are made with soft touch printed covers at 2400 dpi and use traditional techniques combined with new technology that allow you to upload your own cover design.

In 2015, Bookblock launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and since then, have been busy making sure that every step of the process is perfect. In partnering with one of the oldest bookbinding workshops in England, each Bookblock Original is hand finished and produced in small batches, to keep the quality of the notebook.

custom notebook pictureWell, they’ve sure got me sold. Why is it that all of the good stuff only happens inside of a notebook? Usually you can pick a colour or a pattern, but why not make the notebook your own and jazz up the cover with something awesome that’s personal to you? Well, if you get yourself a Bookblock Original, you can make the outside of your notebook as personal as the inside. Head on over to their website and check it out. Getting one of their notebooks as a gift for someone special, or even for yourself, will be worth it. Trust me.


BookBlock Custom Notebook3

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