I was contacted by DroodleBooks a few weeks ago and the time has finally come for them to launch their new professional notebook.

At DroodleBooks, they’ve crafted a professional notebook to help reduce stress and inspire creativity. Their mission is to integrate the creative advantages of colouring and doodling with the professional benefits of a regular notebook in order to fill the needs of working people, students and anyone in between.


I’ve always been a fan of colouring from when I was little, but with all of these adult colouring books available on the market today it’s hard to know what to choose. DroodleBook’s creative design can let you have two books in one, so that instead of carrying around a colouring book and a notebook, all you have to carry is a sleek and stylish DroodleBook.


DroodleBooks is great for art therapy to help reduce stress in their everyday. If you work full-time, are a busy student or even a parent, this notebook can help you find inner solace through self-expression. Droodlebooks also wants to bring out your inner creative. Even if you’ve only ever drawn stick figures, everyone deserves the right to feel and be creative, and with Droodlebooks that can be you.

Not only would this be a great gift for yourself, but also for that busy person in your life who you think just needs to sit back and have some time out.

If you’d like to get some more information about DroodleBooks, or even back their new Kickstarter project that goes live tomorrow, please head on over to their website. 



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