Bunny pen front view

With Easter just around the corner, I picked up some awesome novelty products from a local store and thought I’d share one with you. I bought this bunny pen from Target for only $5, and even though it’s cheap, made of plastic and probably won’t last long; it’s adorable, which makes it a definite keeper.

Bunny pen side view

Not only am I a huge fan of bunnies (the real-life ones that hop around), I’m a fan of anything and everything that include bunny-related products. When I saw this cute little ballpoint pen, I couldn’t help but take him home with me.

Bunny pen with lid off

They came in three different colours: pink, white and grey, but my favourite was the pale pink.

Writing with bunny pen

Even though the pen itself is quite short, it’s sure to keep you writing for a long time. It even makes the perfect Easter gift.  Pick one up at your local Target store today, before they’re all gone!

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