My apologies for running behind in posts. Important family commitments recently have set me back. Please stay tuned for a few more posts from NoteMaker in the coming future too, I haven’t forgot! 


I recently had the opportunity to review a wax seal stamp from Kustom Haus. I’ve never reviewed anything of the sort before, so I had a lot of fun. The packaging was extremely stylish, and they even made the wax seal stamp with a ‘SR’ for Stationery Review (lucky me!). Don’t worry, you can customise your own if you choose.


Just a little image of what came inside the awesome box:


Firstly, I cut approximately 1cm of wax and placed it in the measuring spoon. I lit the candle then held the wax above it, allowing it to melt. I must admit, the wax that was provided is extremely good quality and there’s heaps of colours you can pick from.



After the wax was melted, I then poured it onto the document which I wanted to seal, then used the stamp to create the seal. A minute later, the wax had dried, and I was left with a beautiful wax Stationery Review seal.


Being a creative, I played around with the wax and added a few colours to see what it would turn out like – not too shabby!


Kustom Haus’s products are top quality, and such a great idea for wedding invitations, parties, you name it. If you want something special for our envelopes or documents, this is definitely the way to go. Feel free to check out their website and order yours online at Kustom Haus.

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