Hi everyone! I was recently contacted by Executive Pens Direct to review some of the pens the offer. They have also provided a discount code which I will include after my review.

I have had my eye on the Rotring range for quite some time. The all-metal build, the premium look and the extra features really made the whole product line feel very top-of-the-range when you talk about mechanical pencils. When I was contacted by Steven who offered to let me review one, I couldn’t say no.


In the hand the 600 feels quite light, but very solid. It weighed in at 22 grams with the lead that came with it, which I think surprised me a little. But it means you could use this pencil all day without hand fatigue.

It has an excellent balance which means you can both write, rule and sketch with great control. The knurled grip has a lot of… well… grip, and assuming you don’t hold it too tightly (as I am prone to do) there shouldn’t be any issues using this as a daily writer / note taker.



At the top the 600 has some of the best features I have seen in a while. A swivel indicator for lead grade, a metal eraser-holder so you can get to every last millimeter of the eraser (and makes it easy to replace), a solid clip and a metal eraser cover to complete the look.



Down at the pointy end (no pun intended) you can see the excellent grip and the fixed 4mm long lead sleeve. This will prevent breakages and gives you an excellent view of what you are working on, but can get a little sharp if you put it directly into a pocket. The HB lead provided with the pencil was a little light for me, but that’s just personal preference.

In conclusion, this is an excellent tool for someone who is in a drafting industry, or uses mechanical pencils to sketch a lot. At ~30GBP ($40USD) it could seem a little expensive to someone who is used to buying $3 Bic’s, but it is a solid instrument that will be with you for a long, long time.


Thanks again to Steven from Executive Pens Direct for the sample to review! They currently have a promotion running for this week (National Stationery Week in the UK, 23rd – 29th of April) so if you use the code “NSW2018″ at checkout you will get 15% off everything!


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  1. Daniel says:

    It’s one of my favourite mechanical pencils. You can’t go wrong investing in a Rotring 600.

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