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How many times has it happened to you, that you have your morning coffee and a creative idea for your business just appears in your head? But then you leave home for a work and forget about it. Or you have a good motivating phrase in your head, but when the time comes to speak to your employees, you forget about it too. Or you read an interesting article and really want to pick some useful facts from it but the next day you barely remind yourself what the article was about. Or you definitely know how unproductive and a total waste of time it is to have a business meeting where nobody is taking any notes.

A good notebook may become a place for your inspiration, life-changing ideas or everyday working notes. It might become your best and most useful personal Wikipedia. Paper notebook or electronic notebook could drive your business, increase your personal productivity and form organisational habits. Wondering to how to edit PDF Files? Do it online on https://www.sodapdf.com/pdf-editor/ the free PDF editor.

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Here are a few reasons why you should consider having a notebook for your business:

Ideas Become a Reality 

We aren’t saying that getting a planner will automatically bring millions of good ideas into your life, but like the Bible says “In the beginning, was the Word”. We could add that at first, there was a word written down on a paper.

So, when you write down the idea, it has much more chances not to be lost in everyday routine and become a reality.

Even the bluntest pencil might be better than the sharpest memory

We simply forget thigs. And it’s absolutely normal for human beings. But if you have it written thing down, you can go back to it anytime it’s needed and remind yourself all the details. Especially here we will see the importance of a notebook for your business – if your employees don’t write all the tasks they most likely will forget something.

It helps you to be more creative

Not just in everyday life but also for your business. When you write down the quote that inspires you or some creative idea that someone already used, you keep your own level of creativity high. You like to train your creativity the same way you train your muscles at the gym.

Blank pages will encourage you ask the questions: Why? And How?

When you see a blank page, and you start to wonder how to write down some plan, your brain focuses more on details. So, you can write down very accurately, step by step how to achieve your goal. When you have the plan depicted on paper, it’s easier to see what small details are missing and how to make a plan more accurate.


Your planner becomes sort of your personal manager. If you write down your future steps that were done to achieve some goal, you can use it to control yourself and motivate yourself to keep moving.

Promoting your brand

If your business notebook is well designed, made from quality paper and it is branded with your logo, it will become an additional and very effective marketing tool, remember, you need to think about the future of work. People will see your business logo when you take your planner for a business meeting. They will see it when your employees use it in everyday life. You know what I mean – there is never too much branding.

Showing your personality

A notebook is the same important accessory as your watch or belt. If your desire is to show people that you or your business are very open-minded and modern, you might pick a bright, good quality Moleskine. If you aim to show that your business is hi-tech or you have a paper-free company policy you might buy an electronic notebook. Your notebook will tell your partners or clients what to expect from you and who you are. Use it.


Jeremy Raynold – a top freelance writer from customwriting.com– has been using planners since his childhood age. At first, it was a habit to write down his thoughts or feelings. But when he became older and started building his career, this habit became a useful tool. He is using it to write down good quotes that he uses in his articles. Also, Jeremy writes down all the inspiring content that helps him to stay creative. Recently he started to use an electronic notebook that helps him to find information faster. As he says, a notebook is a must-have tool for a writer.

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